Thursday, November, 21, 2019


La orden secreta del Rey

La orden secreta del Rey

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We have been thinking about a project that we think you will like a lot. Many people like our work, we refer to the books that we bind by hand with fantastic medieval style, but not everyone can afford to pay these prices unfortunately ... until now.

Today we created "The Secret Order of the King" if you belong to our Club-Order you can get your favorite book in 12 months. We explain:

Each month will leave a limited space to access the order, not because we are an exclusive club, will be the books that we can manufacture in that month.

The idea is to be able to choose between 3 types of options, which will be the monthly fee you will pay, when they reach 12 months, you will have at home your favorite book with an incredible binding. These are 3 types:

- SECTARIO: 19 euros per month

- CHOSEN: 25 euros per month

- GRAND MASTER: 39 euros per month

For 12 months you will pay monthly the quota of the chosen level (in the images you can see the examples of books of each level). At any time you can fully recover all the fees paid. We buy the book that you want to have and we bind it depending on the chosen level. When they turn 12 months old you will have at home your magnificent book, with your certificate and invoice of the work done. Of course you will have a title of The Order certifying that you belonged during that year, being cumulative. And the ring.

By belonging to our Order after 6 months of membership we will send you the official cup with our logo and at 12 months when we send you the book you will also receive the official ring of "The Secret Order of the King".

In the 8th month you will have to indicate which is the book that you want us to buy, in no case can exceed the budget of 60 euros PVP. To buy it and start working with it as soon as we get to the workshop.

In this way we ensure a constant flow of work, since each month new places will come out and in this way new books that we and you make, you have an easy way to get one of these precious books.

MAY the following places come out:

- SECTARIO: 10 Places

- CHOSEN: 6 Places

- GRAND MASTER: 4 Places

Valid for all countries.

If you are interested in joining The Secret Order of the King, send an email to: